Heather C

Heather C is one of our receptionists. She has been working in customer service for over 15 years and specifically in a spa for over 5 years.  She is very knowledgeable with all of our product lines and often takes refresher courses to keep on top of all the products we have available.  Her favourite Kevin Murphy product is Repair.Me . Heather’s favourite artist is Imagine Dragon and her favourite movie is The Avengers, but the most important thing you need to know about her is she loves Sharks!


Erin W is one of our receptionists. She has been in customer service for 6 years and specifically in a spa setting for over 2 years. Erin has been working hard to learn all the products we carry so that she can assist you with any of your product needs. She feels knowledge is power. Her favourite product is Phytomer Toner. Erin is a big fan of all music and loves Goodfells. This hockey mom is always on the go supporting her two boys.


Kristy W has been at Time Out since the opening giving her over 10 years experience as an esthetician.  Kristy took her training at Marvel College but has since taken courses in Dermaplaning and Microblading including color corrections. She is often refered to as The Brow Queen. Kristy’s favourite product is the Vie Gylco Peel. This one is all business.


Karen A has been an esthetician for over 4 years and loves it like it was day one. Karen took her training at Alberta Academy of Aesthetics. She is also working her way through school to be a Registered Massage Therapist which she is beyond excited about. Karen’s favourite treatments are Facials and Massages including Reflexology. Her favourite products are the Wild Prairie Scrubs and Sole Mate. This nurturer wants you to have a completely relaxing experience.


Amber M has been an esthetician for over 10 years. Though recently new to Alberta, she has worked with Phytomer and Spa Ritual for many years. In addition to her formal schooling, Amber has taken many advanced esthetic courses.  Her favourite product is Footlogics Cracked Heel.  Her favourite movie is Interstellar and her favourite band is Pink Floyd. She is a big fan of all animals. This incredibly kind and calm lady is such a pleasure to be with, you will feel relaxed just being in her presence and we are very excited to have her.


Shantel H is one of our licensed Hair Stylists. She has been a stylist for over 17 years and took her training through the Registered Apprenticeship Program. Shantel was also an instructor at HCC Hair Academy and has been an educator for Revlon. She specializes in long cuts as well as highlighting and foiling. Her favourite Kevin Murphy product is Fresh Hair and Anti Gravity Spray. This dance mom enjoys Sons of Anarchy, scary movies and the Foo Fighters.

Alysha Gartner

Alysha G  is currently on maternity leave. She is one of our licensed Hair Stylists, with over 9 years experience. This Dance Studio owner and instructor is super busy and we wish her the very best in this new stage of her life.


Sabrina K is one of our licensed Hair Stylists. She grew up in a hair cutting home and has been dabbling since she was wee. She was awarded a full scholarship to school which she passed with flying colours and top in her class. She specializes in formal styles and braids and loves when people give her free reign with their colour. Recently married this bride is a fan of Kevin Murphy’s Plumping Line & Hair Resort Spray.


Bryanna P is one of our licensed Hair Stylists. With over 17 years experience both in Salons and out of her home, she is excited to be back in a Salon setting. She has many years of experience with our colour line and is eagerly learning Kevin Murphy. This amazing well rounded stylist will work with you to get your desired look from a short cut to a multi fun fashion color. This mom of two boys is always busy making forts and going camping.


Amie Z is one of our Registered Massage Therapists. She has been a therapist for over 3 years and has taken many additional courses.  Amie prides herself in her pregnancy massages as well as being able to offer Reflexology, however she is most excited about being able to offer Cupping (silicone). Amie provides relief thru both relaxation and therapeutic massage. Her favourite product is Wild Prairie’s Knotty Body. She is a fabulous addition to your path to wellbeing.


Tammy R is one of our Registered Massage Therapists. She has been a therapist for over 19 years and took her training at Grant MacEwan. She specializes in deep tissue and sports related injuries which is necessary to keep her very active family of 5 in top shape. Tammy has a wonderful sense of humor and is such a positive individual. She will inspire you like she does us.


Heather D is our newest Registered Massage Therapist. Coming to us from school, she is eager and excited to help with all her knowledge. She finished in the top of her class and her long term case report won her first over all in North America. This gem understands the importance of a healthy, strong body as she herself is heavily into Equestrian and also coaches Gymnastics.


Randi O has been an esthetician for over 6 years however she specializes in Lash Extensions and Pedicures. Her formal training was completed at Lash Addicts and Purple Beauty.  Randi’s favourite product is Wild Prairie’s Sole Mate. Her favourite movie is the original Karate Kid and loves Pink. This cool mama keeps us up to date on what new outside of these walls.


Melissa S is one of our newest massage therapists.  She graduated from Alberta College of Massage Therapists in June 2019.  Kevin Murphy Session Spray is her favourite product.  Her favourite movie is Dirty Dancing and for a singer she admires Adele.  This young mother is busy raising two young boys but if you’re looking for a truly therapeutic massage she’s your girl.


Kelly W – Kelly W is our child care worker.  She has been with Time Out off and on since January 2011 and she has three beautiful girls that take up most of her time.  Her favourite product is Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray and Bedroom Hair.  Her favourite artist is Sam Smith and she has been a long time fan of Grey’s Anatomy.  She is our English import.


Erin VanOene is the owner of Time Out Beauty Retreat but is often found wandering around with a paint brush in hand. She is thankful for the amazing group of girls that are on this crazy and wonderful journey with her.